Sky Chinese Cuisine

Sky Chinese Cuisine is in the middle of Stowell Street in Newcastle’s “Chinatown”. It has probably one of the most unusual entrances in that it is a lift straight from the pavement up to the first floor restaurant area. The Restaurant serves a wide variety of Chinese Cuisine as well as a varied selection of beverages. They are also available to book for your function and in this case can be seen ready for a local wedding party.

I met with Gary whilst shooting another restaurant further down the street. He was impressed with what could be offered and as soon as I was finished – I was with him in his restaurant scoping out what we could do with regards to a tour. Then the bombshell – “Can you do it tomorrow and be in and out before 11:00!” They had a wedding party coming in just after that and wanted the shoot doing in between setting up and before the guests. We agreed on setting up the restaurant the on the night and a nice early start to the day. The place was set and ready to go for me and it was all completed on time. Everyone at the restaurant was great to work with.

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