Sage UK

Sage UK wanted to open the doors to at least part of their Global Headquarters in Newcastle. This would allow many people of the North East to see for themselves just what that large glass “Spaceship” was that they drive by. It would also enable friends and family of their 1,500 employees to also see where they worked and what it was like. An opportunity for them to showcase themselves and indeed the region.  They are also launching the tour with a treasure hunt inside the virtual tour – a fantastic luxury weekend for two in Newcastle being the prize for the lucky winner.

This is my biggest tour to date and brought with it some complications as well as a lot of fun. We have people in most of the shots,  multiple floors, lifts, stairs, inside and outside areas as well as over 5,000 photographs taken over 3 days. Then it all had to be put together. It was a hard and busy 3 days but very enjoyable and everyone in the shoot was enthusiastic and friendly – a great atmosphere to work in. The longest part however was getting to the point where the shoot could start. Being a FTSE 100 company there were concerns raised on a number of points which were taken care of and slowly but surely through that process – the tour grew as more of the people involved wanted their area included.  This is the first time you can step inside the board room of a FTSE 100 company. Also another first for me is the Tourdash overlay giving enhanced navigation, information hotspots and great analytics for Sage.

  • PARTNERS Steve Newcombe and a whole lot more!