Red Diner Newcastle upon Tyne

Red Diner is a Chinese Restaurant and Karaoke Bar in Stowell Street, Newcastle. As well as having a restaurant offering a wide variety of Chinese food together with beer and wine – they have some unique rooms for hire. Also quite unique is that these rooms are effectively free of charge. They simply have a minimum spend which is not that high and you can have a room for a few or indeed a crowd – all with the latest in Karaoke, sound systems and TV/projection. Great atmosphere and friendly staff.

I was introduced to Helena by a friend and she thought that a Google business tour could be the way to showcase the rooms that a lot of people don’t even know exist. The restaurant is well known and is obvious from the main Stowell street walk through but the rooms are a hidden treasure. Not any more! This shoot took a lot longer than planned as the shooting conditions were extremely tricky – low light, spot lights everywhere, it was flare city for a while. And then the problem of rooms with so many reflective surfaces – how to hide the camera and how to hide myself. I think this is the hardest one I have done so far. However – the results are there for all to see and the restaurant owner is very happy with them.

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