Majestic Wine Hexham

Majestic’s latest opening in Hexham Northumberland. They specialise in selling brilliant wine by the case. They believe wine – whether you’re buying it or selling it, and especially when you’re drinking it – should be full of fun. Now in Hexham doing what they do best – fine wines ad great prices from the shop or direct to your door.

Majestic have opened up their latest store in Hexham, Northumberland in a considerately renovated old railway engine shed. The new use for this building is fantastic – it performs its function well, fits in with what is around it and you can see lots of original still exposed parts like the beams and the doors etc. Worth a trip just to see the building. I was contacted by their head office and asked to provide a Google business view tour as well as a lot of extra photography on the day of their opening along with the VIPs that attended. What a great day, sun shining, all ready to go on the morning etc. The shoot was done before the opening and was very quick in this case as the shop was ready and empty of people. I then completed the shoot by staying for a further few hours to get the shots of product and customers that they needed. No-one objected to having their photos taken and all were very friendly – perhaps helped by the free Prosecco provided on the day. They were very happy with all of the photography and it was tweeted, liked and generally passed out by many to many. Good luck with the new store – I am sure it will be a hit with the locals.

There is an interesting view of this property right now because the Google car has not been to update Streetview. Try this and head to the end to see the transformation –

  • PARTNERS Steve Newcombe