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What is the Google Street View | for Business Service?


Google Street View for Business is a virtual business tour offered only by Google Street View |Trusted Photographers such as me. It was previously called Google Maps Business View.

In much the same way that you can travel every highway and byway on Google street view, Google is now offering every business a virtual presence on those streets. This will present businesses in a truly unique way to their local customers. Local photographers – like me – take photos for local businesses – like you- and then produce and publish the virtual business tours. Google hosts each tour on their servers free of charge and links it to your business’ search results.

I use special equipment to take 360 degree photos (panos) of the interior of your business.  After the photo-shoot is complete I put the photos through a special process so they’re linked together to allow viewers to come in through your main door and “walk” around. I also take point of interest photos such as business cards, name plates and products to highlight any area you want to give especial focus to. I also publish these on your business profile on Google.

This is a visual concept, so to get a better idea of what a virtual tour is, why not visit the tour below and then watch the short video to see what a business owner said about the Google Business Photo Service…

George Scott Gentleman's Hairdresser

Watch what some business owners had to say.

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